Vegan Done Right

Ella Magers coaches people along the way to plant-based diets and active lifestyles. 

Transitioning into living healthier is much more than just diets and exercise. It’s a lifestyle change. Ella Magers coaches people along the way to plant-based diets and active lifestyles. “I give people the tools they need to learn how to make conscious decisions about how they eat and exercise. I empower people to make choices that will keep them healthy and happy. And I help them feel fit and sexy for a lifetime,” Ella says. She helps people accomplish their goals through her 6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. “It is incredibly life changing!”

Her Journey

Ella Magers started her journey into this lifestyle at a very young age. At just seven years old, Ella was able to make a connection with the food on her plate. She came to the realization that the dead meat upon her plate was once a live and well animal. By the age of 15, Ella had transitioned into a vegan lifestyle. “I had such a deep sense of compassion for animals and believed strongly that as humans we should be protecting and loving all creatures instead of harming them . When I did the research and found out the cruelty involved in the dairy and egg Industries, I went vegan. I knew from a young age it was my mission in life to educate others about the harm caused by animal agriculture to people, animals, and the environment. It was also my job to teach people how to make the transition to conscious, plant-based living,” Ella states.

Along with her vegan diet, Ella also adopted an active lifestyle. For 14 years she has practiced the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. “I love practicing Muay Thai. It is a moving meditation. It has helped me get through tough times by keeping me strong both physically and mentally . I had just moved to Miami when I had a break up with my fiance at the time. The break up left me feeling disempowered . I am grateful that Pat my first Muay Thai coach took me under his wing . I fell in love with the practice immediately . Through all the bruises and hard work, I became tougher. It made me more confident yet humble than ever before . I found freedom and gratitude through Muay Thai,” Ella explains.

Ella also has taken part in the Fame World Championships. She managed to take home a first place in the Bikini Division. She also received second place in the fitness and fitness model categories. “ It felt good to check this off my bucket list as it was not a passion of mine to compete. But it was has always been my passion to show people that you can have a beautiful strong, lean physique built completely on plants ,” Ella says.


Ella transition into a healthier lifestyle was pretty easy because she started at a young age. She does offer advice to others who find it challenging to take on the big lifestyle change of going vegan. “My number one recommendation is taking a B12 supplement. Daily B12 is the one micronutrient that we do not get on a vegan diet in our Modern Age.  We used to get B12 from soil. Our bodies need such a small amount that we could actually get enough B12 just from handling produce that had been in soil. However it shouldn’t been pressure washed and cleaned like the produce we see in the stores today. It’s important for everybody on a plant-based diet to take a B12 supplement. Besides that the most important way to stay healthy is to eat a wide variety of vegetables. It is particularly good to eat leafy greens, fruit lagoons, whole grains and green like seed. It is also important to stay away from processed foods  as much as possible. Especially refined sugar,” Ella advises. As far as staying on track mentally, Ella says the most important key to success if follwing the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the challenge is remaining consistent. The other 20 percent is training outside of your comfort zone and having the proper amount of time to rest!

Her Future

Ella plans to continue to expand her  6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. “I find so much joy and satisfaction seeing people through the life-changing transition process. It is important for me to see them to an active plant-based lifestyle that is satisfying and sustainable. Giving people tools to make conscious choices that truly work for them as individuals is what makes this program so special. It’s setting people up to be confident on their path for the rest of their lives, which is incredibly liberating. At the same time I know I am ultimately contributing to saving animals and the environment, which is my deepest passion,” Ella says. As Ella’s program grows, more and people with be able to transition smoothly to a healthier vegan lifestyle. Beyond that more and more animals will be saved!

What is your training regimen?

Lately my weekly routine includes:

1-2 kickboxing fitness classes,

1 muay thai training session with sparring,

1 jiu-jitsu training session, 1-2 spin classes,

1 strength training session, sometimes an interval training with weights at the stairs I like to run

Yoga 5 times per week.

It’s a lot, but it’s what works for me. It keeps me healthy, fit, and happy.

I used to do more workouts on my own, but I have evolved over the years. I really enjoy quality classes. Now that I have retired from training, I really appreciate being challenged by good classes. I also love being a part of different workout communities.

What benefits can people get from training like muay thai?

Muay Thai Kickboxing can offer countless physical and mental benefits two people. Practicing can force you into living in the moment. That’s very challenging to most people. But when you’re sparring , if your mind wanders you will get a punch or kick. That will snap you back into the moment where nothing else matters accept being right there. In terms of the physical benefits, Mai Tai has you moving your body in so many different powerful ways. You become strong, flexible, and improve your cardiovascular functioning greatly. At the same time, muay thai is hard on the body if you take it to the level of sparring. Muay Thai is the science of the eight limbs because you strike not only with your fists, but also with your shins, knees, and elbows. It is the most powerful (some might call it brutal) martial art in many ways.

What are the challenges to a Vegan lifestyle?

We’ve had so many myths ingrained into our line of thinking since birth including the misconception that we need massive amounts of animal protein to build muscle . Do we need protein? Yes. Is it possible to get enough protein to build muscle without eating animals or their byproducts? Absolutely! How much protein you need depends on many factors, including how much muscle mass you want to build, how easily your body gains muscle. Regardless, it is easier than most people think to take in complete protein with plants alone. Eating all whole foods is ideal, but there are many clean plant protein powders on the market today that make it easy to get extra protein on a daily basis. It’s important to keep in mind though, that protein is difficult on our bodies to digest, so over-doing it on protein may help us gain muscle,  but excessive protein intake is not good for our long term health.

Ella Magers


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