SlimClip Case V4


The BEST SlimClip Case EVER


If you’ve been using SlimClip Case already, we’ve already made you forget about awkward, inconvenient, and uncomfortable Fitness ArmBands.   You probably wouldn’t even tolerate me mentioning a FannyBelt at all.

This time around with SlimClip Case V4 we have refined so much more about the SlimClip Case experience.  From the packaging delivery (which was already great), the button functionality, durability, tactile feel, ease of use, etc……


Once you you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else to secure your iPhone while you run or workout.
SWEAT by SlimClip Case Screenshot-2016-12-14-16.03.40 SlimClip Case V4 v4 slimclip iphone fitness exercise case apple

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