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“I move. I breathe. I practice. And when I’m feeling very present, I breathe while moving.” -Marie Belle

Marie Belle wants us to just get moving. Whatever it is that you like to do, just do it! Achieving a healthy lifestyle should be more than just exercise. You should do something that you really enjoy. For Marie, that activity came in the form of yoga. But that hasn’t stopped her from discovering new active things to add to her life as well.

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Marie has always been an athlete. From a very young age she was interested in movement, sports, and anything where she could play. As she describes, her body loves to move and express freely. As a child she played everything from volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, snowboarding, boxing, and even cycling. She also loved to dance and admired gymnasts from afar. By the time she reached graduate school, Marie was training to bike across the country, and realized her body needed to stretch. So, she stopped in to a yoga class, the rest is history. “I dove head first into yoga 11 years ago and haven’t looked back. Since bringing yoga into my life, everything has expanded: my mind, my work, my travels, my body, my friendships, my idea of community. In the last few years, I’ve decided to incorporate more calisthenics, strength training, dance, and rock climbing into my life,” Marie says.


With ll years of experience, I was sure that Marie had a ton of information that she could share about yoga. Yoga is such an old practice, however there are plenty of people out there that are just discovering it. I asked if she could help give a little more insight on what it means to practice yoga. “Some people define yoga as union; yoking; the bringing together of body and mind. This is a useful definition at first. However, now I would define it as the realization that there was never any separation to begin with,” Marie explains.

“Yoga will make you better at whatever it is you are already doing. It’s a practice of constantly observing and working on your edges. If you need to get stronger, yoga will get you there. If you need to be more flexible, yoga will definitely help. If you want to be a kinder person, yoga will create the space for you to realize all the ways compassion can flow through you. If you’re scared to make a big decision, yoga will show you all the ways you’re already in your power. It will also show you all the ways you limit yourself. You can’t practice yoga and not see some significant changes in your life. It literally changes everything by removing everything you are not,” Marie continues.

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“I highly encourage students to find a community and teacher(s) they resonate with. It changes everything. If one is not available, there’s so many options online. YogaGlo was a big one for me, YouTube, and soon I’ll have a few online tutorials myself.”-Marie Belle

Life Change

Beyond allowing Marie to stay healthy and fit, yoga has also helped her overcome other obstacles that she faced. “Several of my big life challenges revolve around trauma, anxiety, and the need to confront, resolve, and release outdated programming. Yoga and movement have been huge catalysts for transforming my life. Moving into my body, out of the unconscious conditioning is one of the most empowering ways I have found to ground down when everything is in the air,” Marie says. And it goes to show that mental health is also very important.

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Think about the 80/20 rule: If you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for someone just starting?

For me it’s finding time everyday to be alone, especially in the morning. Starting my day off without checking neither email nor texts until AFTER I have trained and meditated is a total game changer. I leave my phone on Airplane Mode until I’m completely finished with my own practice. Being able to begin the day serving my own needs and not worrying about what other people need from me is the best decision I have made.

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

Our mindset is our programming. Think of a computer with an outdated operating system, it will be slow and frustrating to work with. The same computer with an updated operating system will be so much more fun, efficient, and useful. Work on clearing your mindset and consciously updating it on a daily basis. Optimal performance 101.

What motivational/inspirational books have you found to be most helpful?

I love anything Tim Ferris writes: The 4 Hour Work Week, Tools of the Titans. I also like Mason Currey’s: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. On an inspirational category, I love The Bhagavad Gita by Stephen Mitchell and anything Mooji writes always speaks to my heart.

SWEAT by SlimClip Case yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Move. Breathe. Practice. | Marie Belle

Marie Belle