In My Own Skin | Ana Alacorn

Never feel less than what you deserve. Everyone deserves to feel like they are being the best versions of themselves that they can be. Going through a period of time where she wasn’t feeling too good, Ana Alarcon decided that she no longer wanted to feel that way. She wanted to achieve the best version of herself. “I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and felt in my own skin. I found by working out and eating healthier, I could kind of escape and found a way to feel better, stronger and confident,” Ana says.

Ana originally took interest in health through food. Growing up in Mexico, her family is full of foodies and of course, she followed suit. While she enjoyed food, she didn’t know much about cooking. However, when she moved to Boston, she fell in love with the farmer’s market and began to explore the endless possibilities in the kitchen. Not only was the food much healthier, it saved her a lot of money. She couldn’t hold out on this secret so she began to blog about her new farmer’s market addiction. Her blog became a hit and she began to explore more health and fitness options.

Ana has dabbled into many avenues of fitness. She has tried everything from fitness classes to lifting. She enjoys sharing her experiences with others and showing them the various ways of how to achieve health and fitness. Now she even creates her own fitness routines to share with others. Her love of health and fitness radiates and her ability to connect with others and get them motivated keeps her going!

Take on a Challenge

Along her fitness journey, of course there were tough times. There were times she didn’t feel that she could do it. There were stressful days that made her want to give up, yet she kept going. Ana has been able to overcome every challenge thrown her way.

One of the hardest obstacles that Ana had to face was losing her twin. It’s hard to understand the pain of losing your other half. It’s something that Ana still faces to this day. It makes it even more challenging with the fact that she has to be away from her family so often. “Honestly, I just take it a day at a time. I make daily choices to make my family proud and be my best version,” Ana explains.

But even facing many challenges, Ana has found so much success. Everyday is a rewarding experience for her. Not only has she been able to achieve her personal goals, she has also been able to help others do the same. She finds a lot of happiness in sharing her success with her family and partner. It also pleases her that she get to watch her students evolve right before her eyes through her fitness classes.


Ana has some great advice for those looking to make any life change. Whether is be fitness or in school or in a career. Her advice will definitely help make becoming the best version of you so much easier. “Their mind dictates their behavior. Habits and actions will dictate their success. For instance, if you are looking to be healthier, take it one day at a time. Start choosing the healthier option when you can and don’t beat up yourself if you aren’t perfect 100% of the time,” Ana details.

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