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The power that fitness has to bring people together is amazing. Taking control of your health not only has lasting benefits for yourself, but it can also have a lasting impact on others. Chrysten Crockett is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She helps others to create sustainable health and fitness habits that lead to an overall lifestyle change. She often sees the impact fitness has on the lives of many people.

“My icons are my clients. Each person that decides to make a change to better themselves is contributing to making society a better/healthier place. I say this because people impact those closest to them, and if I can help just one person make a change, by default they’re going to help someone else,” Chrysten says.

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Finding Passion

Chrysten began her journey as a personal trainer in 2015 and has loved turning her passion into a career. She has always been an active child. She grew up playing sports and participating in many competitions. “I played volleyball and basketball in high school. Playing organized sports at a young age gave me a competitive nature and helped me understand the value of challenging your body to reach your goals,” Chrysten says. But her interest in nutrition came along a little later in life. “I did not start focusing on nutrition until my early 20’s but once I saw its impact on my health and body I never stopped searching for more ways to educate myself. Growing up, my family always pushed me to never let anyone tell you no and to always follow your gut instinct. This combination helped facilitate my ability to go for something that I was truly passionate about,” Chrysten explains. It wasn’t until about 2013 that Chrysten really began to explore the depth of the relationship between fitness and nutrition. She hasn’t turned back since.

“I’ve always said my life’s passion would be to help others, I am glad that I’ve found a way to do that in a format that allows me to do what I love every day.”


As far a nutrition, Chrysten knows the importance of finding the right diet for your body and lifestyle. No two people are the same so you have to find your own balance. On top of that it is important to be realistic with dieting. “I’m a firm believer in finding what works for you. Every “diet” doesn’t work for everybody. Some people have gluten sensitivities. Some people can function on low carb and high fat. Some can function on high protein and low fat, it all depends. So my approach is to recommend particular macronutrients and monitor how it affects someone’s body. This is why it’s important to really get to know my clients and figure out what is working or them or not, because if not it will all be an even bigger guessing game without having the person get an immunoglobulin (IGG) test. The most important part is getting a client used to eating every few hours and trying to get them to make healthier food and drink choices. Ones that are realistic and sustainable… no extremes,” Chrysten suggests.


In the future, Chrysten plans to continue to help others along their journey. She plans to collaborate with other brands in order to spread the message that health and fitness is very important. “Its about getting as many people on board with making better decisions about their health and fitness. This includes utilizing social media, apps, video, online training, personal training and social connections,” Chrysten says. Chrysten has plans on leaving an everlasting impact on society. “10 years from now, I want something that I’ve done or created to be shared around the world as a method of healthy lifestyle sustainability.”

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What is your training regimen?

AM- Fasted Cardio
PM- HIIT workout or Slow paced cardio depending on my carb intake for the day
Example HIIT: 100 Jump Ropes, 50 Squat Jumps, 25 Jumping Lunges, 20 push ups, 25 sit ups, 20 clean & Snatches (repeat 4 times)
Muscle Groups – I split my muscle groups by days, ex: Monday chest & Biceps, Tuesday Hamstrings & Glutes, Wednesday HIIT, Thursday Back, Friday Quads & Glutes< Saturday Cardio. Sunday Rest

I saw that you were on the Today Show, how did that come about?

The Today Show opportunity was amazing… here’s all the details via video 

Who are your favorite athletes now? And why?

Usain BoltMassy AriasSerena Williams and Misty Copeland. I consider each one of them change makers. They’ve broken barriers, stereotypes, records, you name it and have paved the way for others in so many ways.

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Chrysten Crockett