Dawn Darnell | Gym Time Fit

Houston is hot.  Yeah, it’s hot in the abstract and metaphorical manner of speaking as in 🔥…. 

But in an absolute and literal sense… 

Houston is hot, and it’s humid too.  The temperature is conducive to allowing a person to run and do other physical activities outside comfortably most of the year but the humidity…  The humidity is the kicker.  

Ask Dawn Darnell about.  She lives in Houston Texas, calls it her home, and makes it her business to be physically active, fit, and share her personal journey along with all that she’s learned with others so that they can do some of the same.   Houston isn’t like California where you can do 99% of your workouts outside on 99% of your days.  Most people who are going to make a commitment to keeping their bodies physically fit in Houston (or most other parts of the Southern United States) are going to get a gym membership so they’ll have  comfortable environment to stay consistently active in.

That’s why the majority of Dawn’s fitness fits and sharing revolve around gym workouts.

“Every morning instead of thinking all of the things I need to get done, and excuses on why I am too tired or too busy to go to the gym, I plug all of it out and just go.” Erica says when asked about how she stays consistent in her pursuit of her fitness goals. “For me it’s about getting my head in the game. I take time to listen to motivating music, watch motivational videos, and get my mind ready to tackle my workout.”

Dawn says she likes to “envisioning myself as you go through each set that every muscle in my body is growing. NO PAIN NO GAIN. Once I’m done with my workout in the morning I am ready to tackle the rest of my day, and I feel far more productive this way.”

Fitness Routine & Philosophy

I workout Monday through Friday at the gym. I drop of my kiddo at the gym daycare and I enjoy an hour of mommy me time. My breakdown consist of bi’s/tris/shoulders, legs with a focus in the booty, back/chest/shoulders, legs with the focus of hams and quads. Fridays my little man and I go to Mommy and me tumbling classes.

At this point where I am trying to gain weight and muscle I don’t do any cardio in my workouts. I do enough cardio chasing after my kiddo lol.  I mainly focus on weight training, and sometimes I add HIIT but maybe only once a month for muscle confusion.


There is no one set plan that works for everyone, so don’t invest in these cookie cutter plans and expect the same results. Do what works for you and your body, and continue trying new things until you find something that works for you.