Kim Olsen Top Five

Certified nutrition consultant and personal trainer, Kim Olsen often offers healthy tips through her line of work. If you are looking to create some healthy yet easy meals, Kim definitely has the answers. Here are Kim’s top five healthy meals. These ideas are easy, simple and full of nutrition!
  1. Green smoothies are the absolutely easiest way to get tons of servings of fruits and veggies into your diet. Click here for Kim’s favorite green smoothie recipe.
  2. Kim also loves to find unique ways to make salads taste amazing. A good salad is always her go-to dish at get togethers. Click here to learn a cool way Kim has come up with to prep five salads all at once for the week.
  3. During the cooler months, Kim really encourage people to do a liquid lunch so they can fill up on fiber but not over do it. Click here for Kim’s current favorite soup recipe.
  4. For dinner, Kim likes to find ways to get a ton of veggies in the meal without everyone realizing it lol. Click here for this great recipe.
  5. And just like anyone, Kim loves yummy treats as well. Its definitely her goal to make them as healthy as possible. Click here for Kim’s go-to desserts.