Carmen Morgan on Strength Training

Strength training is something that Carmen Morgan encourages everyone to incorporate into their weekly workout routines. Carmen is a personal trainer. She has worked with many clients. So she has a definite understanding of the way the body responds to workouts.

Carmen Morgan

“Strength training is often overlooked in many people’s workout routines. We are often more focused on cardio.” Both strength training and cardio offer great benefits. It is important to find the right balance of incorporating them both into your routines.

Strength Training Benefits

• Strength training will help increase your work capacity. It also improve your ability to do daily activities. Everything from lifting your kids to carrying groceries, etc. will become easier for you.

• Strength training is the best way to control bone loss from aging. Strength training improves bone density.

• Strength training helps maintain lean muscle mass. Our lean muscle mass would otherwise naturally turn to fat as we age.
• Strength training helps manage & maintain healthy weight. Helps the connective tissues like tendons.

Carmen Morgan

Cardio Benefits

• Cardio benefits the heart & lungs.

• Cardio relieves depression & anxiety and helps people to get better sleep.
• Cardio helps increase the strength of heart & lungs.
• Cardio is key for the pure sake of competing in a fitness competition. It also helps for people trying to achieve a certain body type.

Carmen Morgan

Carmen’s Keys to Strength Training

• Starting off, Carmen suggests doing strength training twice a week. You also don’t have to divide your days into muscle groups. It’s ok to do Total Body style workouts.

• As a woman, don’t be afraid to lift. “A lot of women used to be afraid of getting “bulky.” Luckily now it is more widely realized that you will not get “bulky” as a woman who lifts. We don’t have the testosterone or same components as men to get “bulk”.”

• Go for a pair of dumbbells from Marshalls or Walmart. It’s many different workouts that you can do with just one set of dumbbells. Carmen often post dumbbell workouts on her Instagram! Also you could buy a set of resistance bands. They are convenient and affordable. There are also a lot of workouts you can do with them.

Carmen Morgan