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SWEAT by SlimClip Case shannon-michelle Body Goal Tips | Shannon Michelle   Fitness influencer and blogger, Shannon Michelle makes a living from helping other achieve their body goals. There are many tips and techniques that she offers to others to help them obtain the best results. A lot of the tips she gives are based upon trial and error of her own. Here are her top five tips for those looking to get fit!

  1. You can have an amazing – and super challenging – full body workout without any equipment. I’m a big proponent of being creative – I’ve done full calisthenic workouts with no equipment, used a playground swing set as a makeshift TRX, and used big jugs of water as dumbbells. So really, the only three pieces of fitness equipment you need is your body, a good pair of sneakers, and your own determination!
  2. Sit-ups and crunches are the most overrated workouts. There are so many other ways to get a good core workout without straining your neck and back.SWEAT by SlimClip Case sit-ups-800x489 Body Goal Tips | Shannon Michelle
  3. Ironically the most underrated exercise to me is the plank! It’s also a core exercise like the above, but it’s SO great for not only core, but almost all of the muscles in your body – arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, etc. and doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on your neck.SWEAT by SlimClip Case shannon-michelle1 Body Goal Tips | Shannon Michelle
  4. I do use a scale for my body, but try to use it sparingly. I believe that the scale is NOT a good indicator of overall health and wellness, because I was a “healthy” weight when I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. Now, I try to weigh myself monthly just as a benchmark to have an awareness of my body’s changes. I currently compare my progress with photos, as well as body measurements to have a numerical comparison.
  5. When I first started working out heavily, I began with the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, and she also has some great instructions along with her guide. is a great resource for me, as well as YouTube.SWEAT by SlimClip Case bbgcover Body Goal Tips | Shannon Michelle