Woman of CrossFit

Christmas Abbott is a leading lady of the CrossFit tribe.  Women are finding power in the mental, spiritual, and physical gains of CrossFit training.  Christmas is a CrossFit competitive athlete that is a face of CrossFit.  She talks about her journey from being an Iraq contractor to a NASCAR crew and how CrossFit saved her.

Christmas (again, I love the name 🎄) continually inspires others through her story and her journey.  She evangelized the power of CrossFit and it’s power to spiritually and physically transform a person from someone who doesn’t treat their body, spirit, and mindfulness with intent to a person that is mindful and intentional about self love.

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Ambassador & Instructor

Being a face of CrossFit and an ambassador of the sport. Christmas many times takes on the role of trainer and instructor.

Here Christmas gives instructions on one of the core and most important workout movements in CrossFit; the Clean

Cleans are often a part of the WOD and doing it properly is essential to avoiding injury and progressing in CrossFit.  Successfully and doing “clean” Cleans (pun?) will allow you to progress to cleans and jerks and cleans with overhead presses, etc..

Cleans improve your overall core strength, explosive strength, leaping and sprinting power and are just plain bad-ass!

Here Christmas talks about the proper form for plyometric box jumps, another core movement in CrossFit as well as a range of other power olympic lifts that are key to CrossFit success.

And then, there’s the Ink….

Yes, there is that other obvious thing that you’ll definitely notice about Christmas.  No, not just the unique name 🎄 (again).

It’s the ink…

The tatoos…

A sleeve of tatoos on one arm to be exact.

Here she is talking about them

All in all….

All in all, Christmas Abbott is a bad-ass tatted chick that rocks CrossFit and inspires others to rock their life the way they should.