What Diet is Right for YOU?


SWEAT by SlimClip Case ways-to-eat-healthier-800x800 What Diet is Right for YOU?  For so many of us the first step to making a healthy lifestyle change begins with the phrase “eat right!” But what does that really mean? The truth is everyone is different! There is no one way to eat that will help you achieve your goals. There are many different ways to eat healthy, just find the right balance for you. Take it from these pros! When asked what are their beliefs were of performance diets, here are some of the answers they came up with.

“I don’t go on any specific diet. I just try to make the right decisions. No need to complicate things. Each grilled chicken serving is about the size of my fist. If I’m at home I’ll mix in some broccoli and rice, but if I’m on the road I’ll use some superfood powder to still get my greens. Breakfast is eggs (3 white, 1 whole), mixed with spinach leaves and 2 pieces of Ezekiel toast. When I’m on the road either hotel eggs or if the hotel food is too unhealthy I’ll just do a protein shake.” –Cody Allen

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“So my belief with diet and nutrition is everyone is different, and what works for you at a certain age, with a certain training goal will be different at an older age, with a different life/fitness goal.  So I think the best thing to do is really listen to your body, track what makes you feel good, get used to the difference between hungers, emotion, boredom, thirst, tiredness, and also get used to enjoying your food, as I really believe culturally and socially this is important.   Personally cooking as fresh, local and organic as I can afford and find is best, I don’t choose to eat refined foods and sugars, gluten or much diary as I just find my body & mind feels better for it.

So I feel like it’s a positive choice rather than a restriction and enjoy creating different recipes, using spices, herbs and oils.  I also think that food and nutrition changes take time, what I eat now, is very different to a few years ago and the changes have been gradual, so it’s a lifestyle choice, not a diet, and it’s a professional choice to represent what I learn and to hopefully inspire people that it can be interesting, possible and enjoyable to eat fresh, healthy & feel good.  I have adapted my nutrition even more having done the DNA training, and also the age I am I believe my body responds better to a lower carb, higher fat/protein diet. But I’ve played around with different things, depending on if I’m going on stage, doing a fitness shoot, or running a marathon in the wild countryside” –Kim Ingleby

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“I intermittent fast every day, consuming most of my meals in an 8-10 hour window. High fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrates. On days where I’m lifting heavy or working out twice I’ll do a more even split of macronutrients.” –Kate Lemere

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“Honestly, to say, I don’t prescribe myself to a certain diet. I have been most successful from eating a well-balanced diet eating from all food groups.” –Shara Swanson

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“Really, I don’t, but I believe that everybody is different, and we all need to discover ourselves and what works best for each of us individually. And I have good friends who lost weight and became significantly healthier on a keto or paleo diet, and I have others who are gluten free, and that’s great because it works for them. My personal philosophy is to seek healthy food, eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. And to enjoy your food of course!” –Shannon Michelle

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“I would say my diet would be lean meats, fruits and veggies. I am not the type to cut out bread or anything. Bread is full of the carbs and energy I would need to get through the typical workout day. I have times where I do eat my share of candy. Although I don’t need it, I just love sweets from time to time.” –Donald Scott

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“I’m a firm believer in finding what works for you. Every “diet” doesn’t work for everybody. Some people have gluten sensitivities. Some people can function on low carb high fat, some can function on high protein low fat, and it all depends. So my approach is to recommend particular macronutrients and monitor how it affects someone’s body. This is why it’s important to really get to know my clients and figure out what is working or them or not, because if not it will all be an even bigger  guessing game without having the person get an immunoglobulin (IGG) test. The most important part is getting a client used to eating every few hours and trying to get them to make healthier food and drink choices, ones that are realistic and sustainable… no extremes.” –Chrysten Crockett

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“I practice intermittent fasting. As Ive gotten older my body naturally gravitated to this practice so I honor it.” –Jesse Golden

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