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You know, keeping fit is always better when you have someone by your side to do so. But sometimes it can be hard to find a fitness buddy. Maybe you just moved to a new city or maybe your friends simply don’t have an interest in working out, well that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Thanks to Alton Chislom and his partner Julian Clarke, you now can have a great workout partner at the touch of a button!


Same problem, New solution


We’ve all been there before. Wanting to go to the gym, but having no one to go with. Alton and Julian found themselves in that same predicament. However, facing this problem lead them to an awesome solution, The Versa Fit App.


“Both my partner and I were dealing with the same issue, but from different perspectives. I hate the gym, but I love playing sports. After finishing undergrad, all of my friends moved away and I had nobody to play pick up sports with. I had to go to the gym and hope there were people to play with AND they were on the same skill level. My partner is big into the gym and lifts heavy. Every time he found someone who could lift as much as him and built a report, either he or his new gym partner was deployed. We both had the idea of  “I wish there was an app to find people for group fitness activities on demand”. The closest thing we saw was meetup, but the experience was delayed and people often canceled last minute. Versafit was created to solve this issues and eliminate one of the biggest excuses (inhibitor) to fitness; “Nobody to play with,” Alton explains.


“Approximately 43% of people who work out alone eventually drop out and quit working out. That rate dramatically declines to 6% when working out in groups of 2 or more. It’s pretty straight forward. Working out in groups significantly increases your chances of sticking to a fitness routine.”-Alton Chislom


A Tough Start


It’s no doubt that this app is a really great idea, but as with any other business, Alton and Julian faced their share of problems getting started. They first launched in 2016 and immediately had everyone ranting and raving about them! Not only were they chosen by as one of the coolest startups in the country, but they were also mentioned in CNBC, LA Times, and a host of other local publications. Sure enough, Alton and Julian has gained a big following, but soon it would literally all come crashing down. “We noticed that our app was actually unstable and frequently crashed users phones. The cheaper route of getting it built overseas was now killing our retention and growth. We immediately shut down and went into re-development with a stateside company. It took a whole year for us to fix the problem! We always told ourselves during those 13 months, that this was still our market for the taking,” Alton says.


“A big part of the Versafit brand is our social cause to fight the obesity epidemic in the united states. We will be hosting live sports and group fitness themed events all over the country starting with Los Angeles March 31st 2018.” -Alton Chislom




Back up and running, Alton and Julian’s app has been highly successful so far. Not only that, it is helping people all over to stick to their fitness regimens and see life changing results. “The most rewarding part of the journey is seeing the excitement on peoples faces when we tell them about our company. Almost everyone we’ve spoken to want us to succeed, because they have either had the same problems or have tried building it themselves, but gave up along the way. All the positivity and motivation is what keeps me going,” Alton expresses with gratitude.


“This app is for everyone! It’s easy to find someone in your community that is interested in doing the same things you are and at the same level.”-Alton Chislom


What advice would you give to a young person today who wanted to ditch a sedentary lifestyle and become more fit and healthy?


Do it! But make sure you plan a course of action. I quit my day job once with no plan. After a year I ended up back in the workplace. However, I am much happier as I have learned I prefer being an independent contractor over a typical 9-5 person


Where should they focus most of their energy to get the most bang for their proverbial buck?


Focus on what you are most passionate about. You won’t regret it. At the very least you will learn something new. At the best, you will doing what you love and being paid to do it!


Is there a particular workout you prefer or one that goes best with what your doing?


My favorite workout is sled pushing. I get to let out a lot of energy in 50 yard burst.




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