Explore Columbus | Sarah Bowmar

Fitness trainer, Sarah Bowmar currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. With such an active lifestyle, Sarah is definitely in the loop about all of the hot spots in Columbus. Whether you are looking for a new place to visit or you travel to Columbus often, you definitely have to check out the places on your next go round!

Grab a quick, healthy meal?

We love going to poke restaurants! There’s nothing like getting a nice energy boost from a poke bowl. Packed with protein from fresh fish and loaded with fresh veggies, poke is delicious. Columbus has many restaurant, but a fan favorite seems to be Poke Bros.
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Travel Workout outdoors?

The Hoover Dam in Columbus is a great historical site, but it is also a great place to enjoy an outdoor workout. Go for a walk or run. Bring a mat and do some yoga. It’s a great place to explore.


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Enjoy nature?

We love fishing and bow hunting and Ohio has many bodies of water to do so. One of the most popular is Indian Lake. It’s a great place to fish, camp, hike and even has an amusement park.
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See art?

You can’t beat graffiti on campus. Some people consider graffiti to be menacing, but really it’s an artistic form of self-expression. You can learn alot about the time and place from the graffiti in an area. It’s almost like cave drawings that tell a part of history.

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Have a cup of tea or coffee?

Since we work from home, we  always trave to different Tim Hortons and Starbucks to work and get in a different atmosphere

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