Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson

SWEAT by SlimClip Case 1418416392994952488-Copy-800x800 Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson  Dancer and personal trainer, Shara Swanson wants to encourage people to get fit and do it with the right mindset. Shara often uses her own experience as inspiration for others. She always advises her clients base on what she knows and has been through. Here are some of her top pieces of advice for getting on that path to fitness and maintain it.

  1. Love yourself- “I have overcome many obstacles just by loving myself for who I am. When I start to compare myself I think of my greatest qualities that make me the person I am.” –Shara SwansonSWEAT by SlimClip Case 1425670847838737653-800x999 Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson
  2. Find a style of exercise that you enjoy- “Once you find what you like to do it will be easier to stay consistent. Consistent for me is training 4-5 times a week.” –Shara SwansonSWEAT by SlimClip Case 1391616315911722524-Copy-800x800 Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson
  3. No need for strict diets- ” I don’t prescribe myself to a certain diet. I have been most successful from eating a well-balanced diet eating from all food groups.” –Shara SwansonSWEAT by SlimClip Case Kosthold Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson
  4. Keep a positive mindset- “ A  positive mindset is essential because success is not a straight upward line. Successful people have bad days. But the reason why they are successful is because they stay positive, work hard, and don’t give up.” – Shara SwansonSWEAT by SlimClip Case 1374912363438542585-Copy-800x647 Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson

  5. Check out the book “You’re a Badass”-  “Jen Sincero words really inspired me to keep pushing towards my goals no matter how crazy they seemed.” –Shara SwansonSWEAT by SlimClip Case 51KTckqNeKL._SX316_BO1,204,203,200_ Path to Fitness | Shara Swanson