Set the Bar | Camilo Cereijo

Setting a goal and working hard to meet it, Camilo Cereijo took interest in fitness at the age of 17. He hasn’t looked back since. Camilo originally started working out because he had body image issues. He wasn’t satisfied with how he looked, so he decided to make a change. “I was 17 when I first started out and at the time had a poor self-body image. I decided to draw the line and set my fears to the side and strive towards what I really wanted. I wanted to be more confident and achieve an aesthetic physique. I think what it came down to was that I had a burning desire to become better and that overpowered any fear that was holding me back.

I am currently a men’s physique athlete, online diet and training coach, and a fitness based social media influencer. I aim at reaching as many people as possible to inspire them to become their best selves in the process of me figuring things out and doing just the same,” Camilo says.


The pivotal point in Camilo’s life where he decided it was time for him to change his life wasn’t just a simple moment that instantly made him ready to take on this journey. There was a lot of internal conflict that he had to overcome. One of the biggest conflict arose after Camilo developed a deep passion for fitness and wanted to pursue it as a career.  “The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was definitely the uncertainty in deciding to pursue my passion for fitness and make a life and career around it. I was born, raised, and conditioned to follow the traditional path and I invested a lot of my time and doing so. I graduated with a bachelor’s in biology in aim of going to medical school in becoming a doctor. During the final years of university, I developed an overwhelming passion for fitness and I couldn’t shake the gut feeling of pursuing what I loved most,” Camilo explains.


Overall, making the decision to pursue a career in fitness has brought much happiness to Camilo’s life. “I can definitely say that one of the most rewarding things has been the happiness that has come in knowing that I am on the pursuit of what I’ve been meant to be doing, while impacting and changing the lives of so many,” Camilo says. His story shows that following your heart will sometimes bring great monetary reward, but it will always bring internal bliss.

“I can definitely say that one of the most rewarding things has been the happiness that has come in knowing that I am on the pursuit of what I’ve been meant to be doing, while impacting and changing the lives of so many.”

Think about the 80/20 rule: If you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for someone just starting?

Be radical and take massive action! Sign up for a gym membership, hire a coach, invest in yourself and your goals (monetarily).

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

To me, mindset is everything. I think we all prioritize the things that are most important to us. We always make the time for those things. It comes down to self-awareness and being super transparent / honest with yourself on what you are making time for and realizing that you could be making some better decisions!

What are your three essential productivity tools for your business; how do you use them; and why do you love them?

First is most definitely my to-do list that I work towards based on priority! I focus on the things that will give me the most return for my time and tackle those. Second would have to my goals list, since it constantly allows me to reset and focus on what’s important to me. The last tool would definitely be the gym, as it is my daily escape to shut the outside world out and is purely me time since I love training so much.

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

A set of dumbbells, a squat rack, and a barbell set since they are three fundamental pieces of gym equipment and can be manipulated to create a variety of workouts

In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated exercises?

The most overrated would have to be crunches. Crunches don’t get you ab’s, even a million of them! The most underrated would have to be the traditional barbell squat, one of the most powerful, compound and strength building exercises out there.

“I hope that those of you who read this article, we all start at the bottom and that’s where I did too! Whether you are someone that is already into fitness or just getting started, always remember to keep your head up and push forward on what sets your soul on fire and what you love doing!” -Camilo Cereijo

Camilo Cereijo