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From merely a hobby to a full blown career, Sarah Bowmar has taken her passion for fitness to the next level. Sarah graduated with a MBA at the age of 22 and began to work in the marketing field. Even though she really enjoyed her marketing career, it was a hobby that led her to choose a new career path. “I needed something to do with my evenings and my friend suggested we start lifting together. I had literally zero clue what I was doing but it was around the time that Instagram started and I began following some amazing women with the most beautiful physiques ever. From there, I started to have my own transformation over the next few years from 107lbs to 135lbs. I became fitness nutrition certified and a certified personal trainer, met my husband at the Arnold Classic, got married several months later, started two supplement companies on top of our online training, and here we are today!

You may be asking yourself, how’d she do it? Well, I had the pleasure of sitting with Sarah and finding out her keys to success.

Key 1

For her, the first step was creating and meeting her own personal goals. Sarah started off at 107lbs but found that in order to meet her body goals, she had to put on a few pounds. Sometimes, the only thing more difficult than trying to lose weight, is trying to gain the right type of weight.

“The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was realizing that if I wanted to gain muscle – I needed to eat. This was foreign to me because I had an eating disorder when I was younger. But I started researching every single free second I had, and was slowly realizing that in order to fuel my body properly, I needed to feed it,” Sarah exclaims!

Key 2

Once Sarah was able to meet her own goals, the next was creating her own unique approach to share with others. Because the fitness industry is so saturated, it can be hard to create an approach to fitness that not only distinguishes you from the rest, but is also effective. With that in mind, Sarah came up with this…

“Our training is never longer than 45 minutes. We also don’t believe in confusing anyone. Our approach is education. We don’t want our clients to need us forever- we love when their own education exceeds their need for us! It’s truly rewarding to be able to TEACH someone WHY they are doing something instead of just showing them a movement.

Our clients absolutely love this approach because it allows them to feel confident in the gym- with or without us. We are simply trying to leave this world a little better each day,” Sarah says.

“The most rewarding part of my journey so far is seeing thousands of my clients have their own transformations. When your outward appearance reflects how you feel on the inside- anything is possible!”-Sarah Bowmar

Key 3

The third key for Sarah was becoming more than just a trainer, but an advisor as well. The most important part of

leading a fit life is to stay motivated. Sarah finds that it is her job to uplift those when they need a little motivational boost.

“Too many people wait for Monday, or a new month, or a new year. The best way to see an impact is to JUST START! For me, it was Weight lifting. 45 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week and it brought incredible changes to my body. Weight lifting may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that works for you. I encourage others  to find a physical activity that they enjoy- it doesn’t have to be the gym! It could be frisbee golf, hiking, fishing, etc! Anything to get the Moving,” Sarah advises.

“The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body and if you don’t believe in yourself, your brain will come up with a million and half excuses to not finish the workout or not go to the gym or not diet. Your mindset has to be right!” -Sarah Bowmar

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

Resistance bands (, dumbbells ranging from 5-50lbs if you are lifting at home, and a bench

In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated exercises?

I think Instagram has really allowed some incredible things to happen to fitness but it also has led to some really stupid fad workout programs such as the plank and squat challenge. Too many women are convinced that all they need to do is air squat to infinity to have amazing glutes and that is simply not the case. I think some of the most underrated movements are rear belts!

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