Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

Keeping up with your business can be very demanding, but you should never let that stop you! One of the best ways to keep your business running smoothly is to keep things organized. Check out some of these fitness experts and business leaders favorite productivity tools!


Asana, Slack and Calendly. Before using these tools I was leading myself into a world of anxiety and overwhelm, they really made my life so much easier! I love Slack because it allows easy conversations and communication with team members. I use Calendly to sync meetings and allow others to book time with me for calls as it syncs with Google Calendar. -Yara Kamal

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As simple as it may seem, my phone is a tool that I use to stay productivity everyday. From responding to my coach with notes on  training, creating social media posts, and keeping up with people through text and email, my phone is crucial to keep me organized and productive. -Noah Olsen

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I can’t not list Instagram first! This platform is where everything started for me. It’s where I created a fitness journal to track my progress in 2014 and has allowed me to connect with thousands and thousands of people around the world – many of whom have become close friends. I now use my Instagram to support my “Less #selfie, more substance.” approach to my online fitness influence and inspire my following through insightful tips, fun workouts, resources, and tools that will truly help them on their own journeys. I use iMovie on a daily basis creating helpful videos for my Instagram following.

I’ve experimented with a ton of video editors over the last 3.5 years and this is my favorite because it is super easy to use and doesn’t have ads. I have to mention Five Minute Journal again because it has truly helped me reframe my thinking in a way that allows me to be productive and hit a few small goals that bring me closer to bigger goals. Before I started using it, I would create massive to-do lists and never felt like I was making any progress. I actually just felt more stressed looking at the list! Five Minute Journal forces me to pick 1-3 things that would make today great, and that helps me focus my plan of attack. -Abbie Sterling

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My Agenda: I use this everyday to plan my schedule and keep me organized for my work, social and gym life. I would be so lost without it! Social Media: social media is everything these days. I use Facebook and Instagram to post anything nutrition or fitness related.  I love social media because you can market your brand by expressing yourself emotionally or physically, without any limitations.

My Office: most of the work I do from home is in my office. It’s a place where I am free of distractions which allows me to be productive. I love that I have a separate space in my house to do work as opposed to the dining room table (where I used to do it). I also love my office because it is so bright.  My desk is situated at the front of the house, with a large window which allows for the sunlight to peak in. -Jaclyn Santamaria

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