Productivity | Rachael Attard

Running a business is surely not just a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time, trials and dedication. But one thing that makes it easier for business owners out there is finding the right productivity tools. As an amazing self-started trainer and nutritionist, Rachael Attard has been through the many ups and downs of the business cycle. However, she has always maintained successful results in her business. How does she keep it up? Well, today she let us in on her little secret; three productivity tools that keeps her business running smooth sailing.


I am obsessed with to do lists. I really can’t function unless I write everything down. If I didn’t do this, I would forget things and stress a lot more. I have started using Asana which is an online scheduling program, and it really helps to organise my weeks!

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I love having my blog and social media content uploaded 1 week in advance. You can schedule in posts on Facebook (and in WordPress) and this is great for when I am travelling or having really busy weeks.

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I also do monthly goal setting with my husband and we review them at the end of each month. It really does help me achieve more and stay focused!

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