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As a fitness professional who took his passion and turned it into a career. Ramses Principe is trying to show that it’s possible to achieve your fitness goals through hard work and dedication. Thanks to his own transformation, Ramses was able to build a brand, MIA Fitness, and help thousands of people worldwide transform their bodies and achieve a healthy lifestyle. “I create custom training and meal plans for my clients based on their current physique and goals. My main goal is to inspire others and show them that it is possible to make your dreams a reality through hard work and dedication,” Ramses says.


Ramses started his fitness journey after his college football career ended after a shoulder injury. After the injury Ramses had to have surgery which put him out of training for 3 months. Falling into depression and gaining a lot of weight, Ramses realized that wasn’t the path that he wanted. He decided that in order to live out his dreams, he had to change his mentality and take care of business.  Since that moment, Ramses hasn’t looked back and continues pushing forward to a better his fitness lifestyle every single day.

“My biggest obstacle has to be what I overcame after my surgery.  After gaining all the weight and having to completely change my lifestyle.  From eating habits, to the amount of dedication and consistency that it took to improve my health and fitness. However, the most rewarding part of my journey besides my own transformation is being able to show the world that it is possible to accomplish your goals through hard work and dedication.  I love to see that I’m helping thousands of people transform their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. ” – Ramses Principe


Learning from his own experiences, Ramses has advice to share with others. His determination and dedication has been formidable and he has a few tips on how you can do the same. “My biggest advice is that you have it inside of you to ditch out your old habits and live a healthy and active lifestyle. You just gotta stop listening to that voice in your head that tells you it’s not possible and just go for it. Stick to it and find it within you to put in the work day in and day out. Focus on daily consistency. This is not something you do once in awhile. You gotta put in the work every single day. No matter whats going on around you,” Ramses says.

Think about the 80/20 rule: If you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for someone just starting?

CONSISTENCY simple as that if you want to change your life and achieve your goals then you have to be consistent with the work that it will require in order to make it happen.

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

Because the mind controls the body, once you’re able to control your inner thoughts anything in life is possible.

What’s unique about your training approach?

My training style is very active. I like to challenge myself and my clients to step out of their comfort zone. I’m a big believer on being athletic and not just lifting heavy weight so that’s a main focused for myself and my clients.

How does your approach work for your clients?

It works great as it challenges them and forces them to do things they wouldn’t normally do on their own.

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

Resistance bands, Pair of disk gliders, and good pair of running shoes.

“I just want everyone who’s reading this to realized that no dream you have is impossible or too big. Believe in yourself and work for whatever you want and with consistency and hard work you can achieve it and much more.” -Ramses Principe

Ramses Principe