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One of the most important things to creating a healthy lifestyle is changing your diet. For some this can be as simple as incorporating more fruits and veggies to their diet. For others like Annelina Waller, these changes can be extreme like becoming a vegan. However, becoming a vegan doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of discipline and motivation. Annelina was able to find that motivation and transform her lifestyle, now she helps others do the same.


Speaking with Annelina was truly a pleasure. She is very enthusiastic about her lifestyle and motivates others to create a healthy lifestyle that works for them. One of main questions I had was how did she start the path to becoming a vegan. And she actually had quite the story for how the process all started.

“ In 2013 I went to New Zealand for work and travel. Somehow I ended up working in a butchery. I got asked if I’d like to kill a chicken.

My response. “No!”

Them : “Would you like to see how it’s getting killed?”

Me: “Never.”

The fact, that I can’t even see how an animal gets killed, which I eat, changed my mindset. I stopped eating meat immediately. Due to some health problems a became vegan 2 month later. It was my New Years Eve Solution for 2014. I’ve always been super active and sportive but those carbs you have to eat being a vegan diet plus being dairy free, made my fitness even better,” Annelina says


Annelina’s experience was a starting point, but she decided to take it a little further. Because she was feeling so great, she wanted to share this with others. But before she did that, she wanted to make sure that she was well qualified. “I did my Master of Science in Health, Sport and Communication Management. But most of my know how is from books and audio books. Also I wrote my Bachelor Thesis about Mood Food and my Master Thesis about how to be successful in Social Media referring to a plant based diet,” Annelina explains.


Educating herself on health and nutrition certainly wasn’t a waste. Annelina has gone on to start her own business and even write a book. You’ll find a ton of helpful tips on her website and in her book, but she also shared a few helpful tips during our discussion. The most important piece of advice she had to offer was you have to change your habits to see real results. “Try to implement good habits and make them your routine. This will save a lot of time, mentally and physically. Don’t overdo it! It’s important to see it as a fun and not as a must. Set your minimum of workout days you’ll have per week and try to work on your worst habit when it comes to food. Start step by step.

For example, stop craving chocolate when you are super hungry and have an apple first.

You still can have chocolate afterwards but the apple will fill you so 1-2 pieces will be enough.

Set a workout time.

If you haven’t already, try one month without dairies and see how you feel,” Annelina says.

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

I think diets do NOT work. Because diets are based on a negative attitude. The “motivation” comes from rigidity, punishment, deprivation, guilt, and fear. Does that sound healthy? We need to trust our bodys, they’ll tell us what we need.

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

You do not really need anything but if you’d like to have 3 I’d say TRX, a Gymnastic ball and a mat.

What are your go-to snacks when you’re on the run?

Bananas, dried apricots

Annelina Waller