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Sometimes we have to go through hardships in order to make us better people. For Beatrice Kruse that was exactly the case. After suffering from an eating disorder, she realized the importance of her health and fitness. It led her to changing her lifestyle and in turn helping others to do the same.

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“I think we all struggle with things at one point or another, you just have to remember that you can’t give up on things and most definitely not give up on yourself. You’re always worth the best in life and the best in life is what you’ll receive from hard work, consistency and most of all, belief. Therefore you must remind yourself to not give up.”-Beatrice Kruse


As I mentioned earlier, Beatrice suffered from an eating disorder. I know for some it can be hard to think back on such hard times, but Beatrice uses her story to inspire others. “A few years ago I got sick in an eating disorder called orthorexia and when I reached the worst valley of my eating disorder, I realized that I really needed help. I was 170cm tall and weighed 41kgs. I knew somewhere, deep inside, that I was not able to live like that for the rest of my life and I had to change something drastically. I was skin and bones, constantly hungry, constantly freezing even during the most warm summer days, constantly sad and depressed, dealt with panic attacks, had a trigger-temper and so on, the list is so long.

About 5 years have past since I first got into a troubled relationship with food and after I’ve been dealing with all of the consequences of my eating disorders(like not getting my period, having hormonal issues, dealing with depression and anxiety among other things) I came to the conclusion that no one or no thing will ever be able to get me where I want to be, both physically and mentally, except for myself. I am the one and only factor that is able to be the crucial change. It was so draining for me to be in that sick place for so long because it is a, excuse my option of words; living hell. The fear of never being able to enjoy life ever again is so palpable and when I overcame that by myself… I knew, by my heart, that it was the start of something great,” Beatrice expresses!

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Freeing herself from the constraints of an eating disorder was the first step to getting back on track to a healthy lifestyle. However, that wasn’t the end of the obstacles for Beatrice. As a consequence of her eating disorder more problems arose for her. “After I got free from my eating disorders something else came to destroy me mentally as a consequence of the hormonal issues, anxiety. I went on sick leave in my first year of upper secondary school. It was bad, obviously, and once again I thought that I never would be able to enjoy life again. Some days I felt alright, other days I couldn’t even get out of bed. I have and have always had a very loving and supporting family, but not even they could make me feel less lonely or even cheer me up the slightest during that time in my life.

Summertime came along that year and I felt happier, relieved and kept faith in myself even though the first year of upper secondary school was dreadful, something very, very deep inside of me was certain to continue throughout both year two and three. So I did, or at least I tried. The fall semester of my second year went by like a mental knockout and the history repeated itself during the spring semester, I went on a second sick leave because of my anxiety and depression.

The fact that I got zero help whatsoever from school did not improve my situation either. My teachers and principal have now, in hindsight, admitted that they did not take my situation and my poor well-being seriously. They, and I quote, thought I was lazy.

“That’s it. I’m not going to push through this pain anymore. God has other plans for me”. And I let that be it, I then quit my second year of the upper secondary school.

Now, a year after quitting I’m able to look back at my situation in another perspective, I’m able to see the stress, the pressure I had on myself, all the harsh feelings about myself, the anxiety, the panic attacks, all the tears.. The list is so long. And looking back at it now, I realize how bad my situation were and how I never, ever, wish that upon even my worst enemy. I had so much anxiety for quitting school, I felt like a failure and people who I loved even told me I were a failure. I went on and on about “why me?”, “what have I done that’s so wrong, that I deserve this?”. But I didn’t deserve it. No one does. It just happens to those who are able to overcome it. A few months after quitting school I got an offer to work full time as a assistant site manager at a gym.

I overcame eating disorders, anxiety and the fear of never being able to enjoy life again. Look at me now. I love life and I’m so grateful for my journey, even though it’s worn me to the ground a few times. It turned me into the person I am today and today, I am strong,” Beatrice shares.

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Beatrice has since established a healthy lifestyle and has been on a mission to help others do the same. The best feeling for Beatrice stemmed from the journey itself. She express how it is an amazing feeling to have overcome so much and be able to inspire others along the way. “For me the journey by itself is the price. Everything from hearing people telling me that I’ve inspired them in some way or had an impact on their lives to realizing that I, myself, have become a stronger person is a reward from me,” Beatrice says.

As we continued to converse, I asked her is she had any advice for people wanting to lead healthier, happier lifestyle. Her response was simple. “Decide, commit, succeed. Don’t give up even though some people might question you, you’ll get there. Believe you can and you will.
Don’t stress the process, trust it. Nothing happens overnight and therefore you must work with the body, not against it. You have to listen to your body and its’ signals, if you’re working too hard you might have to stop yourself and take a step back. Stressing your diet or overtraining won’t leave you and your body on a good note.”

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“My aspiration in life is to help people to reach health and I’m not only talking about the physical part. For me, “health” isn’t only about working out and eating good groceries. It’s about a general well-being, both in body and mind. It’s about self-love and acceptance. And for some, it’s also about being able to kick ass in the gym. No matter what you define as health or what your goal is, I can and want to help you.” -Beatrice Kruse

Think about the 80/20 rule: If you get 80% of your impact from 20% of what you do, what is that 20% for someone just starting?

From my own experience, the part that you should focus on most is surrounding yourself with positive people who got the same goal and mindset as you. That includes surrounding yourself with people who you look up to, role models or people who inspire you in some way. Those people will give you perspectives on things you might not have had before, they will always have something to teach you. In the end of the day it’s all about the law of attraction. If you get 80% of your impact from 20%, wouldn’t you want those 20% to be the positive and inspiring.

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

I mean, the successful people did not go with the flow and hoped for the best. The mindset is crucial and that’s why successful people differ from the rest; it’s their work ethic, ambition and willpower to get to a place where they aren’t already at.

What motivational/inspirational books have you found to be most helpful?

The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy, PH., D.D.

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