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Cause Fitness programe

SWEAT by SlimClip Case CheyenneEllis-REMlace-800x1074 Cause Fitness | Rachel Elizabeth  Fitness professional Rachel Elizabeth has made her mark in many aspects of the fitness industry. One of her most important contributions to the fitness world is the introduction of Cause Fitness. Cause Fitness is a program Rachel starte and helps many people achieve their fitness goals. Just as implied Cause Fitness is fitness, for effect. It is compose of the following three parts.

1) It’s about personal responsibility – it’s a call to cause your own fitness effect. “We are all about inspir­ing action and per­sonal respon­si­bil­ity through science-based fit­ness and “God-made over man-made” nutri­tion edu­ca­tion, pro­grams, and partnerships.”SWEAT by SlimClip Case LHGFX-REMSupermanPlank-copy Cause Fitness | Rachel Elizabeth

2) It’s about positively influencing those around you – it’s a call to cause a fitness effect on those around you; a ripple effect. “We practice what we preach, and strive to cre­ate sim­ple to under­stand, duplicable results, so that one trans­formed life will trans­late to mul­ti­ple lives, sim­ply by the first liv­ing the ‘Cause Fit­ness’ lifestyle as an example.”SWEAT by SlimClip Case MikeLuong-REM Cause Fitness | Rachel Elizabeth

3) It’s a cause – a call to action; an invitation to get fit and give back. A minimum of 10% of all proceeds goes to causes (organizations and ministries) who are all about giving a hand up rather than just a hand-out (eg. Charity Water). “Cause Fit­ness donates a monthly min­i­mum of 10% of all online income to the Cause Fit­ness ‘Cause of the Month’ (COTM), and/or local min­istries such as City Church, or Renew Church LA”SWEAT by SlimClip Case ValorieDarling-REMcurbsmile-800x533 Cause Fitness | Rachel Elizabeth


Cause Fitness is much more than just getting physically fit. It’s about helping you get healthy as a whole and helping you to maintain it for a lifetime.  It’s a program make for everyone and Rachel encourages everyone to get out there and give it a shot!