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SWEAT by SlimClip Case IMG_5648-1-800x800 Business Tools | Danielle Radulski  Running a business, especially in the fitness industry, requires a lot of time, dedication and attention to detail. Around 50% of businesses fail within the first year. This is mainly due to lack of direction and organization. However, it is important to learn how the other 50% of businesses find success in their pursuits.

At SWEAT we come across many people who have had much success in the fitness industry. We love to find out just how they keep their businesses up and running smoothly. Yoga and fitness instructor Danielle Radulski owns and operates her own yoga practice. Just one year ago, Danielle opted to put her passion to use and become a yoga instructor. She hasn’t looked back since! Deeming her business as something she just cannot see her life without, Danielle works hard to maintain a successful business. Graciously, Danielle has shared with us some of her top productivity tools that keeps her yoga practice on the rise.

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  1. My first productivity tool is definitely writing things down… making a list! This has been something that as I’ve gotten busier recently, I have needed to do. Also writing things down on a hard calendar. I know this may not work for everyone but for me I am really visual, so seeing a one-month calendar on paper vs. on my phone, and seeing different things that I need to do on each day is really really helpful. It also helps me to say no to things or yes to things based on how busy either my week or my month looks.SWEAT by SlimClip Case 2016-planner-download-printable-10-e1453402897369 Business Tools | Danielle Radulski
  2. Letting go of what a “normal” work day may look like. I often find myself working from 7 a.m. to noon then taking an hour or two to break and then working again from 2 to 7.  I also work from home so my schedule has the freedom and the flexibility of being different every single day. So, I think for someone who is either starting your own business or maybe just getting a little creative with your schedule that kind of letting go of that whole nine-to-five thing is pretty helpful. If you want the success, you have to work for it, right?
  3. In terms of logistical tools, my main platform is Instagram so I love Iconosquare. It really gives you great analytics and paints a whole picture of what’s going on in your account and with your network!

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