Brigita Bonas Workout Tips

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Brigita BonasBrigita Bonas is a trainer, nutritionist and fashion designer. Typically training twice a day, here’s how Brigita achieves her fitness goals.

  1. Gym routines: First thing in the morning Brigita goes to the gym. She has three gym workout routines. Her routines are split into chest/biceps, back/triceps, legs/shoulders.Brigita bonas
  2. Partnership: Brigita rarely trains alone. She often has to adapt her workout to the person she is training with. There are many interesting exercises which she does with her gym buddies. The main exercises remain the good old well-known ones. There is no need to get fancy because the old exercises tend to be the most effective. It’s more about playing around with the reps and techniques.Brigita Bonas
  3. Evening activities: During the evenings, Brigita likes to run. She sometimes practice Bikram yoga as well.  Running helps her to clear the mind and improve on stamina. Bikram yoga helps for detoxing. The high temperature elevates the heart rate which makes the body work harder. It also improves on strength, flexibility, balance, breathing technique and mental concentration.Brigita Bonas
  4. Exploring other options: A good weekend for Brigita is intense. She likes to try to find new and exciting activities to try out. This includes various sports events, exploring nature and cities in and around the UK. It helps to keep her intrigued. Each weekend is something new. It helps to get her ready for the following busy week.