Brand Building Tools

Brand Building Tools

Many people find that their passions transform into something beyond a hobby. They may create a blog to share their experience. They may also find a career path that allows them to incorporate what they love. We also see that many people go on to build full brands based on the thing they have passion for the most. This is the case for fitness enthusiasts Kate Lemere, Autumn Dickens and Celena Meyers.

Kate runs her own fitness and lifestyle blog. She also is a personal trainer and runs boot camps throughout the city of Chicago.SWEAT by SlimClip Case 1345723439763221508-800x800 Brand Building Tools

 Autumn Dickens inspires many people using her blogging and YouTube platform. Her focus is on teaching people how to love their bodies and take care of them.

Brand Building Tools

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 Celena Meyers uses fitness as a measure to cope with anxieties and teaches others to do the same!

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Many of you may be seeking to build a brand of your own and wonder how it’s done. Kate, Autumn and offer their advice with handy productivity tools that can help you turn your desires into a brand!

  1. Best Brand Building Tools DropBox: “I use DropBox to store all of my files, workout programs, and content so that I can have access to everything from anywhere.” Kate Lemere 
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  3. A Fitness Tracker: “I have a polarA360 and I love it so much. It helps me monitor how active I’ve been during the day, where my heart rate is at when I’m doing a workout and it even buzzes when I’ve been sitting for too long. Nothing makes you feel like you should probably start moving than a little buzz. I find that fitness trackers are so essential and they help keep track of all of your workouts and how well you’re performing.” –Celena MeyersSWEAT by SlimClip Case best-fitness-trackers-800x533 Brand Building Tools
  4. Google Sheets: “Google Sheets houses my content and social calendars, I love a good spreadsheet.” Kate LemereSWEAT by SlimClip Case Google-Sheets Brand Building Tools
  5. A Planner: “I’m a very visual person so having a planer and writing down everything I need to do really helps me stay on track.” –Autumn DickensSWEAT by SlimClip Case 2016-planner-download-printable-10-e1453402897369 Brand Building Tools
  6. A Notebook: “I handwrite my to-do lists and brainstorming notes which are usually a combination of quick bullet points and doodles. Even in our digital age, there is still something so satisfying about the act of actually crossing off a completed task.” –Kate Lemere

         “My notebook comes in handy whenever I have random ideas (all the time) and just need to get                   them on paper. It also helps when I’m stuck for ideas and just need to do a brain dump.” –Autumn           Dickens

         “Don’t underestimate the power of writing things down. I use my journal to organize blog posts,                 plan out instagram photos and keep track of my workouts and ideas. As someone who is always “go           go go”, taking time to write things down really helps keep me grounded and organized. I did             come up with 100’s of ideas of things I wanted to do and try but I realized I never actually got                      around to doing them because life would get in the way and I’d soon forget about it. So now I take              time every day to write in my journal and think about my goals, and the steps I can take to                            accomplish them.” –Celena Meyers

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  6. IPhone: “Of course, my handy iPhone, it has everything I need and keeps me on track for my day-to-         day, especially all of my social media.” – Autumn DickensSWEAT by SlimClip Case uSwitch_iPhone8_render1-1200x577-800x384 Brand Building Tools

  7. Another good Brand Building Tools Pinterest: “I don’t know about you but there’s something about pinterest and being able to organize           things in categories that makes my heart so happy. I love going to various food blogs when meal prepping and 99% of them let you save their recipes to pinterest so I can have a board just for dinners    and when it comes time to meal prep on Sunday I already have an idea of what I’m eating.  And I know people say before but diet truly is key so the more you set yourself up for success in the diet department the better. I also love pinterest for searching through motivational quotes, yoga poses, different workouts and athletic apparel.” –Celena MeyersSWEAT by SlimClip Case 635946503189638341-239880403_pinterest Brand Building Tools