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Balancing work, family, and fitness can certainly be a challenge, but it was a challenge Kate Horney was more than ready to take on. Business woman, mom and fitness enthusiast, Kate wears a number of hats. However, each aspect of her life comes together providing motivation and inspiration to their counter parts.  The success in all three areas stems from her enthusiasm and passion for each of her roles individually and bringing them together seamlessly.  


Kate is an all around business woman. She runs her own media platform that help her market her fitness expertise. She also offers personal training, nutritional and fitness education services. Her goal is to help women everywhere achieve their weight loss goals. “I  created BeyondFit because I wanted to be able to get the message of fun, sustainable fat loss out there to a larger audience. I am extremely passionate about effective and efficient fat loss techniques for women. As a new mom, I had zero time to exercise, prep food for hours and dedicate the whole day to healthy living, like I did as a young fitness pro. yet, I wanted to look and feel healthy, lean & functional for my newborn and to be a great mom,” Kate explains

Kate has created fitness programs targeting women all over the world. Whether you are a new mom or just looking to keep in shape, Kate has a program for you. “In addition to my 12 week postpartum fat loss system (Baby Beyond), I also launched an online membership program with my own personal recipes, workouts, tips and tricks and more (BeyondFit Life). It’s been so rewarding to see women making lifestyle changes that impact not only their own health, but the health of the ones they love as well,” Kate says.


Kate is a wife and mom of two beautiful boys. After having children, she really began to see fitness through a whole new lense. Fitness was no longer just about looks, it became more so about the actual health benefits and how good it made her feel. “My inspiration has shifted from looking good in a bikini to being a fit, functional mom who can keep up with little ones! My biggest obstacles have been balancing motherhood, family, fitness, running a business, etc.  I want to be the best example I can be and show my boys how to live a healthy, happy and balanced life- in all areas,” Kate says.


Kate has been into fitness for a very long time. She originally started working out in high school and as time went on she began to venture off and explore some new techniques. “I have a degree in exercise physiology and have been “working out” since high school. But, it wasn’t until my husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 that I was inspired to take my fitness to the next level. I began lifting weights and I saw the change that my body made…it was incredible!!! I couldn’t believe it. From then on, I was hooked,” Kate exclaims!

She now uses her expertise in fitness to teach others. By achieving and maintaining her own fitness goals, she is able to motivate others to do the same. She takes pride in not only having an amazing body, but also the general feeling of being healthy and fit. Kate is highly motivated by her children and keeping fit allows her to keep up with them. It makes her feel good being able to lead by example and show her sons the way to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. “Healthy kids are raised by healthy moms, so I want to start a #fitmom revolution!  The most rewarding part of my journey so far is seeing this happen for my own family as well as for the women that I work with.  I want to teach moms all over the world how to be healthy; for themselves and for their families,” Kate says.

What are the unique challenges that moms face when trying to get and stay fit? How do you suggest mother’s overcome those obstacles?  What about maintaining fitness through those challenges, isn’t that even more challenging?

What are the obstacles that you still face in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle and how are you dealing with those? What were your most pressing obstacles in the beginning?  How did you deal with them then?

In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated exercises?

Aerobic training and endurance running is the most overrated.  Weight training- specifically using hybrid exercises is the most underrated. Weight training is more important than aerobic training because unlike aerobic training, weight training not only provides cardiovascular health benefits, but it ALSO provides strength and muscular development benefits.  Increased muscle = increased metabolism…so in any workout, increasing or preserving our muscle is key to fat loss.

What’s your beliefs on performance diet like?    Do you prescribe to a particular philosophy on diet (example: Paleo, Gluten free, etc…)?  

This style of nutrition is called preemptive eating and is based on each individual’s response to food.  I understand nutrition in a way that allows you to still enjoy the foods you love. By utilizing the benefits of a “Flexible Dieting” approach to nutrition no longer will you be a slave to the same old bland food choices.  NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS with this program.  

Kate Horney




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