3 Tips to Letting the Mind and Body Come Together As One

Shawn McIntyre is a personal trainer who has a unique perspective on fitness. His approach to fitness is much more than just physically working out. His philosophy is all about bringing the mind and the body together in order to achieve optimal results. The same approach that you take to fitness, you can apply to every aspect of life in order to create change. So if you are looking to get fit and also make some great changes to your overall quality of life, check out these three helpful tips that Shawn had to offer!


  • Movement is the key to life – Everything is energy and you have the most powerful piece of technology at your disposal  – This body and Life hold the ultimate possibility – To Turn On, Tap In and Tune Yourself Up is nothing short of miraculous.


  • Knowing THEY are the ASSET and to focus on themselves in that the GREATEST POWER comes down to 4 main principles Perspectives to rise, Permission to challenge themselves fully, Production by creating momentum with results across 20 main areas and Presence, the ability to be connected and strong within!


  • Whether it is someone new or a pro it is the same thing ROE™️ which is Return On Energy – If you focus on building energy, your body, mind, and emotions will become FOCUSED so then it isn’t a matter of will power but a matter of RESULTS

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