Tracy Campoli’s Fit Tips

Finding a way to stay fit is crucial in living a long, healthy life. But as we all know, a fit lifestyle doesn’t come overnight. It takes time, dedication and the willpower to take control of our own health. Pilates instructor and personal trainer, Tracy Campoli, certainly knows that the journey to health and fitness is not the easiest. However, her mission is to provide people with the tools to make things a little less complicated. Check out the tips Tracy has dished out that will surely lead you to becoming a better, fit version of yourself!

Our bodies were meant to MOVE, so find something that feels FUN and you will stick with it.  If you hate it, you’ll quit.  However if your workout plan feels pleasurable you will stick with it and look forward to it.

I believe that HIIT workouts are amazing.  They are FAST and EFFECTIVE and are proven to burn the most fat in a short time.  I have loads of HIIT workouts in my fitness program Total Body Transformation.

CONSISTENCY is key!  I know it’s not the “sexiest” answer but even if you worked out every day for 20 minutes, if you weren’t doing that before…that will make a HUGE difference for you.

As for nutrition, ditch the food with labels.  There are so many “so called” health foods that are chemical and sugar bombs.  So if you simply ate REAL food, your body will thank you. When I was a chronic dieter, I used to eat a ton of processed food that I thought would create weight loss.  However because of extra sodium, hidden sugar and chemicals you can’t pronounce…my body wouldn’t release the weight.  TRUST ME…this works!