Track Workout | Jeff Mack

Running is a great way to keep in shape. Just look at how beautifully sculpted track runners’ bodies are. Track enthusiast, Jeff Mack not only competes in master track and field events, he also uses running as a means to stay fit. Jeff trains 5 to 6 days a week with weights and sprinting workouts. Track workouts are started with good warm-up strides for speed and stretching later for flexibility. Immediately after stretching, various biomechanical drills are performed to help obtain perfect form during training and competition. Check out this track training routine!

Training consists of:  

Warm up, Drills and 5 Block Starts

Day 1 (4) 200 or 250 meter sprints at a pace of 24, 23, 22 seconds with a walk back rest.

Day 2(4-6) 150 meter sprints under 17 or 18 seconds with a walk back for rest.

Day 3(4-6) Repeat 100 meter runs with a 2 min rest in between. Times should be under 12-13 seconds

Day 4 Drills and Block starts.