Tools For Success

The road to health and fitness is an everlasting journey. It involves way more than just exercise and dieting. It’s a lifestyle. However, lifestyle change don’t happen overnight. You have to work to layout the foundation that you will build upon. One of the keys to laying down the proper foundation I to be prepared with the proper tools. Having adequate tools increases your productivity. It also helps you to move along faster and more efficiently.

We have discovered some of the most handy productivity tools to help you along your path to fitness. Conversations with fitness trainers, bloggers and lifestyle coaches has given us insight on the best tools.


  1. Running shoes – We learned from the popular UK blogger Shakira Akabusi the importance of a pair of good running trainers. They are necessary to support your feet. It is crucial if you’re working out a lot to reduce the risk of injury. It also helps give you good support for any high impact work!running-shoes
  2. A smoothie maker – Shakira also gave us insight on another great tool. The smoothie maker! It is great for making quick and healthy snack. Shakira specializes in postnatal health and fitness. So it was highly important to include that this is great for a mum and baby on the run. Its also  great way to get in a good serving of fruits and vegetables! And you maintain most of the nutritional value bc it is raw and in its natural form.smoothie
  3. A notebook – Yoga instructor Dean Polhman offered this handy tool. The notebook is simple and easy to access. It’s a great way to get down your thoughts and track your progress throughout your journey. You can also use it to keep a collection of healthy recipes  and new workouts!notebook
  4. Google Calendar – We picked up this useful tip from Dr. Laura Miranda. The google calendar is  a convenient way to keep up with your workout schedules. It can also be used to set up a weekly meal plan. It can be accessed from any phone, tablet, ipad or
  5.  WordPress – Our last tool comes from fitness enthusiast Brigita Bonas. WordPress is great for those who wants to share their journey with others across the world. It is a simple way to set up a website or blog. Fitness is always easier to achieve with the support of others!wordpress