San Diego Fit | Michelle Van Rooyen

Michelle Van Rooyen is an online health and fitness coach. She is all for helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle through educating them on how to pursue health. Michelle moved to her dream location of San Diego, California last year and hasn’t looked back. Beyond expanding her mission, Michelle also has a large social media following where she shares a lot about her personal lifestyle choices. She definitely lives in the manner she teaches others to. For us, Michelle has shared some of her favorite local San Diego fitness friendly spots!

Looking to grab a quick, healthy meal? : Go for Chipotle’s. They have tasty, yet healthy Mexican burrito bowls. Shannon personally does hers with brown rice, chicken, fajitas, lettuce, salsa and guacamole.



Looking for a great place to have an outdoor workout? : San Diego has plenty of beaches that have many activities. An example of one would be Ocean Beach which is open 24 hours a day. So, whether you are looking to play some outdoor sports such as volleyball and basketball or looking to enjoy a beach run as Michelle likes to, Ocean beach has it.



Looking to enjoy nature and scenery? : Find a good hiking trail! San Diego has many, but Michelle recommends trying out Cedar Creek Falls hiking trail.


Looking to have a cup of tea or coffee? Starbucks is the place to go! Starbucks carries so many options its almost hard to choose sometimes. But whatever you get, you can’t go wrong.