Quick Workout Routine

Don’t have countless hours to invest in the gym? Check out this quick workout routine that you can knock out in under an hour. So maybe grab a gym partner and get started!

20 minutes on the bike

SWEAT by SlimClip Case 1110-_bike-form Quick Workout Routine

1x warmup set

SWEAT by SlimClip Case a7c9b5aac6bc9519e375d5f884fa1ab6--stretches-before-workout-exercise-workouts Quick Workout Routine

15x squats on smith machine

SWEAT by SlimClip Case Smith-Machine-Squats Quick Workout Routine

3 sets of 8-10x reverse lunge on each side on smith machine

SWEAT by SlimClip Case a722d3f7c8995a3a5819f8d0c30ca5b0 Quick Workout Routine

3-4 sets of leg press

SWEAT by SlimClip Case angedlegpress-5a6ce78c303713003675f6a5 Quick Workout Routine

sumo squats to burn out

SWEAT by SlimClip Case tmp_wu6OTZ_7fbe20a5af43fdec_Dumbbell-Sumo-Squat Quick Workout Routine