Grab a Partner | Alex Ho Workout

The journey to fitness doesn’t have to be boring! Spice up your fitness regimen by finding new ways to get moving or maybe bring along a friend on your journey. Fitness pro Alex Ho knows a thing or two about making fitness fun. “Start with finding ways that you enjoy moving and do it more. It doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or taking a class. It could be as simple as signing up for a softball league, going hiking, walking to work, riding you bike, or even playing with your kids more. MOVE! Like I mentioned before, moving doesn’t have to be intense or exhausting but it can really kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Walk, run, bike, hike, swim, chase something, play tennis, Frisbee golf, it doesn’t matter when you’re starting out. The key is finding something active you enjoy so you’ll be more likely to do it. That or find a friend who is looking to achieve the same goals as you. People generally work better with partners,” Alex says. So next time you’re heading to the gym, grab a partner and try out this routine!

3 rounds of

10 inchworms with pushups

10 runner’s lunges w/twist

20 weighted lunges

50 kettle bell swings

15 goblet squats

15 pushups

10 pullups

1 min plank

45 sec side plank (ea side)

3 rounds of

Kneeling cable twist

Lunge w/ cable punch

Reverse lunge w/ cable row