“Golden Secrets” | Jesse Golden

Jesse Golden has faced many trials and tribulations on her journey to fitness. She inspires others to overcome problems they face. She typically uses her website as a platform to give out tips and help uplift others. After speaking with Jesse, she has offered us some great advice to help you advance in any area of life.

  • “Follow your own path. Of course draw inspiration from others but listen to your inner wisdom. Every single one of us has a path unique to our own constitution and life. When you follow other people’s path is when you get lost. Stay true to your journey and through your authenticity you will succeed wherever that path leads you.”
  • “Focus your energy on consistency and not complicating things. You don’t need the best workout outfit are the best gym membership or be in the hippest class you can literally create a circuit training at your house, you can go for a hike or run, you can upload any video right on your phone and follow along to work out. There’s no more excuses anymore.”
  • “Be optimistic no matter what challenges bring you whether it’s in your life or in your physical goals. We will be challenged every step of the way so staying steadfast and committed is vital for success.”
  • “Don’t get overwhelmed. I always tell my students, were planting seeds. Those seeds take time to bud. Be patient and kind to yourself and others. We’re all in this together.”