Girl Power | Jess Witcher’s Instagram Picks

Personal trainer and fitness model, Jess Witcher knows a thing or two about blogging. She currently uses her instagram to post fitness tips and inspire others. However, even the best of bloggers admire others and seek inspiration of their own. Jess has her list of go to accounts that really gets her inspired.  “I love to follow REAL women – women that started from scratch (like me), taught themselves what they know, and aspire to create CHANGE in the world on a daily basis. It will be hard to narrow it down for the purposes of this interview, but I will give you a solid Top 5 (not in any specific order):”

1) Jera (@workoutbean): I started following Jera about 6 months into the
creation of my fitness Instagram, and she inspired me from the start. She’s
a normal girl who found confidence through fitness, and loves inspiring
others to do the same. She loves it so much that she became certified as
a personal trainer and went through SoulCycle instructor training TWICE
to do what she does today – uplifting others with her empowering and
motivational approach. I’ve actually taken her classes in-person, and can
attest that she is just as genuine, kind, and goofy as she seems. Follow
her for sick photos, tag along in her SoulCycle instructor journey, and
admire her general dopeness.

2) Sara (@sneakers_sara): Sara and I connected in the very beginning and
have been close online friends ever since. A more kind and genuine
human being does not exist on this planet. Sara truly and honestly cares
for the people that follow her journey, and you can see her constantly
inspiring and uplifting others. She goes out of her way to make someone
else’s day better, and what better way to instill change in the world than
with consistent kindness to others? Follow her for the best part of your
day, workout videos, and just to learn how to be a better person.

3) Kallie (@kal_fitlife): Kallie always knows exactly what to say to get your
butt moving. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and build her
personal brand over the past couple years, and I am in awe of her
passion, drive, and focus. She is all-inclusive and welcoming to everyone,
and loves to share her love for fitness. She is always willing to answer
questions, and takes time out of her day to care for others. Follow her for
her Insta Story adventures, dope photos, and motivational one-liners.

4) Emma (@em_wizzfit): This girl knows her stuff. If you want to be schooled,
read any of her posts! She is incredibly intelligent and knows how to
breakdown the bullshit that crowds the fitness industry, and gives you the
facts straight. She is also incredibly kind, genuine and hilarious! She
doesn’t hide anything, and wants all of her followers to succeed in their
own journeys. Follow her for fitness facts, mind-blowing transformation
photos, and ways to eat donuts and still look like a badass.

5) Ellie (@eliannealexander): Ellie is as real as real can get. I befriended her
rather recently, and she is one of those people that will make you feel
immediately accepted and loved for who you are. She is beautiful, kind,
funny, and on top of all that, she has that “take it or leave it” attitude that I
admire so much. She not only shows love and support for her Instagram
family on a daily basis, but she dedicates her free time to her all-women
workout group “Fit with BAE” in New York City. She is the person that not
only vocalizes change, but takes action to make an impact on her
community. Follow her for posts that you can relate to, daily workout
shenanigans, and all of her on-point recommendations.