Autumn Dickens’ Top Reads

Autumn Dickens is a lifestyle blogger and youtube sensation. She encourages women all over to live healthier lifestyles and to get active. She also motivates people to love their bodies and enjoy being themselves. She is truly inspiring to those who follow her.

While she inspires those around her, Autumn often seek inspiration of her own. She is a big reader and finds that books can provide a lot of inspiration. Here are Autumn’s top inspirational books!

1. ‘You Are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero – This “How to guide” is truly inspirational. It uses humor and fun to help instruct people on how to achieve fitness. It is a great book to use to get started on a new journey to fitness or revive a spark you already started!

2. ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert – This is a great book to get the creative juices flowing. This book will spark you imagination and take you on a journey! This book will help you unveil sources of inspiration deep inside of you.

3. ‘The Five minute Morning’ by Hal Elrod – Health and fitness is all about mindset. This book will definitely help you develop the right attitude. The author gives you the keys to finding a happier, mentally healthier you!

4. ‘The Five Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferris. – This book is the blueprint to living more and working less. It is very important for your health that you give yourself time to rest when it is do. This book shows you how to take it easy sometimes and clear sometime in your schedule!