Amanda Meixner’s Top 10

Amanda Meixner loves to share her health and nutrition tips with others, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t seek new tips and tricks to try herself. Just as many of us, she often turns to social media because it is a great place to stumble upon some great advice. Sharing some of her favorite health, fitness and nutrition instagram profiles, Amanda has given us her top 10. So, grab your phones and hit the follow button because you are sure to learn a lot of useful tips from this list!

Check out Christopher Rocchio’s instagram for helpful meal plans!

Pelin’s instagram literally shows you the beauty of healthy eating

Looking to find some great techniques to maintain a balanced diet? Check out Tina’s instagram

Learn new exercises to add to your fitness routine on Nikki’s instagram

Liza instagram will show you the benefits of fit gains and the importance of fueling your body with the proper nutrition

Learn about the food you are putting into your body on Max Lugavere’s instagram. You may be surprised at the great benefits that food brings,

Find trendy new recipes on the Meal Prep on Fleek instagram

If you’re looking to kick things up a notch, check out Katie Crewe’s instagram for some fun, challenging new workouts

Check out some useful health anf fitness tips from the motivating Jordan Syatt’s instagram

Find helpful tools to keep you on track on Carter good’s instagram